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Tennis Gifts

Surprisingly, there are many more tennis gifts available than most people ever know about. You can find something funny or serious. And if you’re having trouble making a decision on one gift, why not get a few smaller gifts together and make a tennis gift basket for a friend or family member who loves to play tennis. A gift basket is always appreciated and if you select the items yourself, you can personalize it to make it even more special. Here are some of the best tennis gifts available.

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Gifts for Tennis Players

It’s so much easier to buy a gift for someone who is keen about one particular sport. Let’s face it, most adults we buy presents for usually have everything they want anyway. So if you can buy a tennis gift for a keen tennis player or fan then you’re doing well. You know the gift will be appreciated. You can choose an amusing or entertaining gift or something practical to use on the court.

Tennis Gifts for Her


There are lots of pieces of tennis jewelry to choose from. A necklace can be worn on the court. A bracelet can be worn off the court. Or many variations of this. Whether you’re buying for a wife, girlfriend, mom, daughter, friend, tennis partner or the whole tennis team, you’ll find some great tennis jewelry ideas here. Click on each image to see the price.

Tennis Visor

When you’re playing tennis outside in the hot sun, you’re going to have to have certain accessories in order to be comfortable while playing and protect yourself at the same time.

Many women prefer to use a sun visor.

This is often cooler to use while playing and also lets you wear a high pony tail above the visor which a hat doesn’t allow.

This Glove It Visor (pictured on the left) comes in lots of different patterns and colors, click here to see what’s available.  An attractive visor makes a great gift.

Tennis Bag

A tennis bag is a perfect gift. And if you know the favorite color of the person you’re buying the gift for, you can choose one that suits her taste. There are lots of women’s tennis bags to choose from. They range from affordable up to several hundreds of dollars, so there’s lots of choice. Tennis tote bags in particular make a good gift for her.

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Tennis Wine Charms

Tennis wine charms are a gift you may not have thought of. If you know someone you loves tennis and loves wine, these wine glass charms are a great idea. They’re good quality and great to use when the tennis team gets together for a drink.

These charms are used to identify each person’s glass of wine. These are good for a BBQ where everyone puts their glass down and tends to lose track of which one is theirs. Wine charms with a tennis theme really do look good as a boxed gift.

Tennis Racket Vibration Dampeners

These little gifts are a great way to add a smile to your present. They can be motivational or amusing but they’re also practical because they function like a normal vibration dampener that sits on your strings. Here are some suggestions as a gift for her (click on the images below to see the price on each set).


Tennis Gifts for Him

What about a tennis theme paperweight? This crystal tennis ball paperweight is perfect as a tennis present for him. It looks great sitting on a desk or shelf. And he will think of you every time he sees it. This is a high quality gift but it comes at an affordable price. It comes in a gift box and some buyers have even had it engraved to personalize it.

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Tennis Hat

A quality tennis hat is one that will have moisture wicking so that when you sweat, it won’t interfere with your game.

This cap provides moisture wicking as well as air flow along with a UPF 50 sun protection factor. It is lightweight and has an adjustable strap for the perfect fit. It also provides a non-glare undervisor for better vision. You have the option of about a dozen different colors in this cap, but tennis players often prefer white on the court.


Some players choose to use an absorbent terry headband instead of a hat and the band keeps the sweat from running down into their eyes.

The Nike headbands are made from Dri-FIT which absorbs moisture. And they tie at the back for a perfect fit every time.

Sweatbands for the wrists are also handy because they keep the sweat from running down onto your grip and prevent the racket from turning due to moisture while you play.

You could pair sweatbands with another item like a tennis bag or a funny tennis hoodie (see below) to make a great gift.

Sports Towel

All tennis players appreciate a good sports towel.

It’s so handy to mop moisture from your face. Even if a player has one, you always need more. Personally, I love having different sports towels in different colors. I can choose one that suits my mood/motivation.

And with more than one, you’re never stuck finding a clean one as you run out the door on your way to play tennis.

These microfiber tennis towels are fast drying and easy to throw in the washing machine. They’re soft on the face and super absorbent to mop up sweat!

Add them to a gift basket with some other tennis accessories or a tennis-themed t-shirt or tennis bag and you’ve got a great gift.

If you prefer an all-natural towel, here’s a Babolat tennis towel in 100% cotton.


Funny Tennis Gifts

Tennis Mugs

Everyone loves a funny mug. Take a look at these ones. You’re sure to find the perfect one for each of your tennis playing friends. Click on each of the mugs for more details including the price.


Vibration Dampeners

So, these vibration dampeners (below) are not to everyone’s taste, but many tennis players will find them funny.

There are quite a few to choose from and you can pair them together with other tennis accessories or gifts to add a bit of fun to your present. Click on the pictures to see the price.



Tennis Butts

What are tennis butts? If you spin your racket before you start the game to see who will serve first you usually call “up or down” or something similar. But with a Tennis Butts decal you can start with a laugh before you start the game.

Instead of calling up or down you can call “Granny panties or Thongs?” or you can call “Martini or Margarita?”. There are lots to choose from. These decals stick to the butt of your racket handle. And they stay on really well. Tennis players love them.


Giving a funny hoodie as a gift is both entertaining and practical. If you know the size of the person you’re giving to then a hoodie is an easy gift to give.


Unique Tennis Gifts

Salad Servers

Did you know you can get tennis racket salad servers? These make a unique gift for any tennis player. They’re made from solid beech wood. As well as being a novelty, they’re convenient to use.

Cheese Spreaders

These tennis racket cheese spreaders look good on any cheese board. Tennis enthusiasts will love to use these when they serve cheese, especially when they have their tennis team over.

Wine Stopper

For those who love tennis and love wine, why not combine the two in a gift? This tennis ball wine stopper is a heavy, good quality wine stopper.

You’ll probably be buying it as a gift for someone else, but you may want to get one for yourself as well. The tennis ball adds an interesting touch. It’s a conversation starter as well as being a practical gift for everyday use.

And if you know someone with other sporting interests, you can get the same stopper with different sports balls on the top. You can choose soccer, snooker, tennis or a beach ball. They all look great.

If you want to combine this gift with another item, what about giving etched tennis racket stemless wine glasses? Take a look at them here. These come in a set of 2 glasses and are the perfect gift for him or her.

Personalized Tennis Gifts

If you’re stuck for ideas for a gift why not choose a personalized tennis gift. See a few ideas below. You can click on each of the images to see the price along with further details on how to order these tennis gifts.


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